MTV: “Experts predict how you’ll listen to music in the future.”

Original source: MTV Online

According to those in the know, music is going be pretty damn sci-fi by 2080. From virtual reality sets to hologram tours to robot DJs, the live experience is going to be dizzyingly futuristic.

Streamed hologram tours to your crib

DJ Snoochie Shy thinks that raves will be transported to our living rooms: “You could have DJs touring as holograms if they can’t make every party! I can imagine some sort of streaming service too – invite some friends & instead of going out, you rave from your own living room.”


DJ Robocop

Snoochie Shy also reckons: “In 2080 I wouldn’t be surprised if we have some sort of robots DJing in clubs. Imagine going to a night and just having a pure line up of Robot’s as DJs? I feel like we are heading down that route.”

More Kanye cherry pickin

Hotly tipped singer-producer, Shura, looks forward to a wireless future, freeing up musicians to do what the hell they like during performances: “Eventually we’ll end up with no cables on stage – which would affect the way performances are staged. No longer tied to amplifiers – we can stand on cherry pickers 75ft above stage and perform over the crowd a la Kanye.”


4D DJ sets with personalised sound

Boiler Room’s Gabriel Szatan believes we will, “end up with group listening sessions where the sound of each individual band member is shaped for each individual hearing range; where advanced Virtual Reality gear gives DJ sets a 4D depth; where the entire nature of communal music experience gets flipped.”


Long live the festival

However, Isle of Wight festival reviver, John Giddings is sticking to the old school: “Whether albums will exist or music will be free I guarantee that people will still want to hear live music together in  the open air – it’s a tribal experience that’s gone on since the Vikings.”

If you want to find out more about the radical changes set to take place, check out ‘W’ instazine – that’s a magazine for Instagram to you and me.


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